There are some people who are forced to leave their homes in order to escape bad situations such as persecution or war. These people are known as refugees. Apart from war and terror, the world also has many refugees who are forced to leave their home due to natural disasters such as tsunami, earthquake, floods etc.

Imagine how it would feel to leave your home. Imagine if you have to leave all your comfort. Nothing could be worse than this. Same is felt by refugees. They leave everything behind to find a new place to live peacefully but sadly they did not find peace anywhere. They never get their comfort again. They never regain access to basic needs like education, employment etc when they come to the host country. They are the one who is vulnerable and need help.

To the host country, they are seen as a problem but actually, they are absolutely innocent. The actual problem is war and hatred because of which refugees had to leave their home. Every refugee has a story of fear, trauma, desperation and determination.

To honour refugees across the globe, the United Nations designated 20th June to be celebrated as World Refugee Day. This step of celebrating World Refugee Day is done to spread awareness among the citizens of the nation across the globe about the difficulties they are facing and how we can help them.

This year we are dealing with COVID 19 pandemic which has created a devastating impact on our lives and especially on the lives of refugees who don’t have proper homes to live.

On this World Refugee Day, we should take action to protect and support refugees. We must encourage people to consider economists opinion about refugees. According to economists, refugees affect the sustainability and strength of the country’s economy as they help to improve it. They are a potential source of valuable labour that benefits the host society. We must escalate sympathy towards them. We should raise awareness about the difficulties they had to face and should increase our acceptance towards them as human beings.

We should pray for refugee families for peace in their homelands. If you know a refugee family, reach out to help them. Just check if there is any organisation in your city that help refugees and ask them how you can get involved.

This year’s World Refugee Day theme is “Every action counts” which aims to remind the citizens of each and every nation across the globe that at the time of pandemic anyone from the society can make a change. A small step taken by an individual can make a lot of difference to make this world much more inclusive for all. At this time of crises, we all must work together to come out of it successfully. We must take care of each other because everyone needs it one or the other day.

Refugees themselves are contributing in significant ways during this time of the pandemic. They themselves are volunteering as front line workers, they are helping in constructing isolation centres, they are making soap for distribution and a lot more. In camps, refugees are working as teachers, scientists, nurses, doctors and other essential workers.

So everyone can make a difference. It is the responsibility of each one of us to make sure that no one is left behind. All our efforts can bring about transformative changes on spiritual, moral and social levels.

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